Friday, October 14, 2011

Coffee (prices) in Brisbane

I'm not particularly a snob or aficionado when it comes to coffee. I do drink soy, primarily because it doesn't make me feel sick, secondly because I like the taste (and I don't like the taste of milk), and also, it uses the processing of beans, rather than cows. But I do like and eat cheese and ice cream, and cream, with stuff (hello, everything goes with cream), so I'm not going to attempt a moral highground.

Anyway, in Brisbane, coffee and food is expensive compared to Melbourne, and when you are a soy drinker it's generally more so. To find a soy coffee for under $4 is a rarity, so, this post is one of a few that will tell you where I find coffees to be drinkable, good value, and such.

My #1 coffee in Brisbane right now, of the places my life takes me:

Cup 2 Go, coffee cart at Central station: $3.50 (takeaway only).
'no extra charge for soy, decaf or marshmallows!'

 They have a cute sign out the front. They use merlo beans, which are probably my favourite beans in Brisbane, and they use the red/original Vitasoy, which these days has added calcium, yay. Most importantly, I really like their coffee, which is $3.50 for a normal size, or for a large keep cup, which I have. If you get a large paper cup it's $3.75. (Did you know you can get a medium coffee in a giant keep cup? The blue ones, anyway, have an 8oz line. I often use that.)

They also have a cute guy behind the counter, at least on Mondays (ahem, just the one, not like at the Frisky Goat). And a lovely girl who seems to be there most days. The staff are all really good, they know what they're doing and they are always pleasant. And, they are open reasonable hours, like, til, 4 or something, I don't know, but I once tried to get coffee with a friend at about 3:30pm, and everywhere in the city was closing. Wt. 

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