Thursday, October 25, 2012


Meet Nabe. 

Nabe is 2 things: 
1. a pot
2. a soup/stew with everything in it. (Some call it a hotpot.)

Today I want to praise the second of these things.

It is warming, delicious, and comforting. And can be, naturally, brimming with health!! 

Here are some things that are particularly good in nabe, and help to make it.

dashi (stock - I use powder, which is made of fish and probably MSG)
miso (add it at the end)
pork (in Japan, it pretty much always comes in thin slices, with fat on)
bean sprouts
konnyaku noodles

Chuck it all in. Or if you're like me, cut and add as you go. Cook.

*Nabe was the first time for me that tofu tasted really, really good.