Monday, September 21, 2009

ode to the pear

Pears are homely.
Pears are gentle.
Pears are sweet.
Pears are sensual.

Pear with chocolate,
pear with ginger,
pear with butter and brown sugar.

Pear and vanilla.
Pear and cloves.
Pears and spices,
pears in droves.

Pear and leaves,
pear and cheese.
PEARS! you make me weak at the knees.
Pear and parmesan,
or gruyere.
Pear with squidgy camembert.
Pear and ricotta,
pear with blue.
Pear with brie,
oh stop it, you.

Pear and grog.
Pear and cream.

Pears alone.

Pear and pastry,
pear and tart!
Pear tarts are my kind of art.
Pear and almond, walnut, hazelnut,
Pear and citrus,
pear and cake.
Pear and tea.
Oh lovely pears,
how I love thee.