Friday, April 9, 2010

Home made.

When I grow up, if there is a world by then, I am having chooks.
Not giving birth to chooks.
But if I live in Australia, or somewhere people have yards, if yards exist by then, I want a couple of chookens.

Just had the most amazing egg for breakfast, from my aunt & uncle's chooks on their farm in country Victoria.
I don't even eat eggs for breakfast.
I'd forgotten how to eat a soft boiled egg, and cracked it on the edge of the plate. Then I remembered you can scoop it out with a spoon, like we used to have eggy-in-an-egg-cup.

The egg broke open and the yolk ran all over the toast, and I was standing there dumb. The white was so white! and so fine..
there was mustard on the toast, but I couldn't see it anymore.
A little bit of fetta, salt and pepper.

This must be why people order eggs.
Think I'll keep this experience for home.