Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brisbane places

Ha! Cleaning out the computer, look what I found. It's old news, but might be relevant.

I realised this morning that I’ve done very little reviewing since arriving in Brisbane early this year. So, here are some of the places I’ve enjoyed hanging out or feel the need to talk about in Brisbane.

BarMerlo UQ.
Those auspicious blue signs of coolness ground the SSH with the wonderful smell of coffee combining with the slightly odd scent of tech-hub in the library foyer. I have been slightly obsessed with the place since coming to the University of Queensland. The coffee is consistent, the food good. None of it especially cheap, but the beef sandwich is excellent ($7) which I treat myself to occasionally. But I think I have at last had enough of this place. I still like it, but the coffee doesn’t seem quite so amazing anymore (it used to seem DELICIOUS). Maybe it’s just me… I want a new hangout. Apparently the business school has good coffee, and I’ve had recommendations for Genie’s coffee as well. Anyone?

Punjabi Palace
Overpriced and overrated. I can’t really tell you my opinion of the food, because after everything I’d heard my expectations were unrealistically high. But the d├ęcor of the place is pretty sweet. Pity it’s so far from uni! Still, I’ll go back eventually with different expectations.

Curry Connection
A loveable, local and quiet Indian place. If you order the right thing, it’s a highly enjoyable experience. Don’t get the entrees – they’re nothing special, but I do recommend the lamb Subzi – Kashmiri spices. It’s perfect if you go there and get one curry between two, with a naan/roti, maybe some raita and rice. Of course, the more people, the more curries you can have! This was just the right amount for us to leave without feeling like we were going to explode.

My Heart Garden
The local vegetarian/vegan eatery. Almost always empty, I don’t know how they’re still open, but I’m glad they are. The coffee is nice and the staff are friendly, always happy to see you. I wasn’t blown away by the Not Sausage Roll, but their Saturday morning breakfasts are AMAZING. Especially the buckwheat pancakes. And you can just tell that everything is made with love.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lorne and the Victorian floods

 Victoria flooded too. More than that though, because of all the water, there were about a billion times more mozzies and locusts than usual. SO MANY, especially inland.
We were at Lorne when it happened. They closed the Great Ocean Road, just after Lorne, luckily for us. Rockfall on the road made me glad later we hadn't been driving.

 We had a good rainy week. Maybe rainier than preferable, but still a good week.
Dog's not mine, by the way.
 This cockatoo was cheeky AS.
 Actually for my taste we went to too many nice restaurants. One or maybe two in a week is pretty special. Once or twice a month.. you know, spread it out over the year, instead of all times in one week. But anyway. It does take away any order anxiety you might have.
 Tree of red!

 River tea house. That's not me. Yet.
 At the end of the week, the sun came out.