Thursday, August 6, 2009

alimentari, my dear deli

It's not really my own dear deli, though I wish it were. I don't have enough money to have a local deli, and if I did, well, I probably would just be a deli shopper-arounder. Though I do love being loyal to a place and getting to know it and the people there.

Went to Alimentari on Brunswick St this morning for breakfast. Cranky staff.
Best muesli I have had in AGES.

I didn't have my camera on me. It was 8am.
They don't have chai.

(I'm tired, this is why I'm writing in short sentences.)

So, chamomile tea and a wait for a friend, and a slight ponder on the menu. House muesli came with yoghurt and a compote of pear, rhubarb and raspberry. Semolina porridge did too, and though bircher muesli didn't say so, it also did. If I'd known, I 'd have ordered it.
Glad I didn't.

Not because it didn't look good...

Mine was DIVINE.

251 Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC 3065 - (03) 9416 2001
Open Weekdays 8am-7pm; Weekends 8am-5pm


  1. just an idea from a roving reader:

    i subbed honey for the sugar in the syrup and upped the spice quantities.

    super delicious


  2. Oh, looks faaairly decent indeed! Thanks H.

  3. mmmm yum that sounds so delicious, i've been past here a few times but haven't made it in yet!