Sunday, May 24, 2009


Okay, this isn't really about food. Because neither am I, any more. I'm widening.. er, broadening my horizons...

I love this blog. I wish it were mine. This is blog envy. Am I over a food blog phase?

Am I over a phase in my life where food was The main good thing, the only flame?
Where I had forgotten how to procrastinate, my other favourite thing?

Certainly I still enjoy reading food blogs. I just enjoy other things a lot too.

Such as Gotye. His album is going around and around in my head lately.

I'm feeling pride in my city, my country. Melbourne's cultural hipness and hapness. Fond disdain for the wankery around the arts, which is arrogant of me at 21. Self awareness of privilege too.

Thing is, I'm too lazy to take photos of food all the time. But a food blog without photos just isn't the same to read. And I have this other blog which I could switch back over to, and try to recover. Or should I just keep going at EGWC and write about a variety of things? I'll write the same old crap wherever I'm posting.

Enough of this, silly. Semantics time.

PS We had roast lamb today, with all the goods as done in our family. And steamed a plum pudding I made the other day, and ate it with custard, and of course cream.
I also may have made ginger nuts and digestive biscuits.. thankyou Matthew Evans, writing just for me, the weekend cook (I do miss the old title though. Anyone can cook).
Oh, and carrot and zucchini fritter/patty things, with cumin. They were good.


  1. I think that it's your blog and you can do whatever you like. :) If you want to write about more than food, then you should do it!

  2. Hehe awww thanks!!

    It was lovely to meet you last night, sorry that we were leaving as you were arriving and we didn't get to chat at all!! But hopefully there might be another meet and greet soon!

    I agree with agnes! You can do whatever you want! It's your blog :) I think it would definitly be okay to keep writing whatever you want here :)with the occasional yummy food thrown in to make me hungry.

  3. Awww this is so nice to read. I was starting to wonder if anyone was really reading us.

    Yeah I agree. Write about whatever you like. I find when you write about things you love people respond.

  4. Great to meet you the other day Cathy! Loving your blog, and yes you're right, everything does go with cream! haha.

    Come and check out my blog if you get a chance :)

  5. Hi again. Yes, yes, I know it seems I am comment stalking you but you don't have an email contact on here. We were wondering if we could feature you on our blog in our melbourne dossier section (just locals talking about their fav local spots) let us know if you are interested.

  6. Yes Amanda, I'd like to do that.
    Not having an email on the site is kind of an anti-stalker measure, though any determined person would be undeterred, I guess. Anyway, I can email you if you like? Then you'd have my addy.

    Thanks for the friendly comments everyone :)