Friday, April 17, 2009


go with cream, and are good for your brain. Good to know at this time of year, when assignments are due and there's reading and work to be done.
Incidentally, I read an article the other day about blueberry's lesser-known cousin, the bilberry. Apparently it can help with Raynaud's syndrome, which I hadn't realised officially existed, but which bothers me sometimes, like in winter. Perhaps baking tarts will keep the cold at bay this year.
We don't normally have blueberries, but someone at Mum's work had a relative with a berry farm who when the fires came, grabbed what they could and ran. So we were lucky enough to be able to relieve them of a kilo of blueberries... plump, sweet and bubbling with juice when you bake them in a tart and rescue it from the oven, albethey blanketed under a buttery, subtle almond filling.
I'd been eyeing off Clotilde's recipe in my beloved Chocolate & Zucchini book for some time now. Almonds, blueberries, butter and delicious shortbready pastry. What more could you want? Apart from some cream to go with it, of course.


  1. Gorgeous use of those hastily-rescued berries.

    Can't go wrong with almonds and blueberries (and cream) in my book.

    Happy belated birthday, to you, too!

  2. Why did you do that to my mind's mouth?

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  4. Mmm yummy. That looks incredible, some of my favourite flavours...almonds, blueberries and of course cream!!

  5. Thanks everyone! Can't wait for assignments to subside and give me a chance to do another one, or maybe some blueberry muffins. What else will do justice to such fine specimens?
    Meanwhile I shall enjoy the imagined wafts of all your creations as the days and nights get colder.