Tuesday, October 28, 2008

brief thoughts

I am on a quest.
Perfect apple teacake. It is such an art!

The old-fashioned apple cake, I reckon, is not often done really well. When it is, it is impossible to beat.

The best I have had was in a quaint little cafe in the far-out hills.. Kallista Tea Rooms, I think. It was still warm when I saw and pounced (What's that cake there?) and we had had a delicious lunch with fairly poor service.. debating whether or not to bother getting cake/coffee afterwards, and SO glad am I; we'd decided not to when I saw this ugly beauty. The cake was collapsing on itself, sinking in the middle as it sat, and the piece we had fell apart, melting in our mouths. More apple than gooey cake, it was lazily punctuated with sultanas, so sweet, just the right amount, and oh... had disappeared.
When we got the bill, they gave us the cake on the house, wisely recommending we remember them not for the poor service we'd had that day (my aunt, a regular, said it was unusual) but for the cake. Worked on me!

My attempts so far have been well received but I will not rest until I find the One.

I was too lazy to take photos, but I made Lucy's Apple and Olive Oil cake from Nourish Me - that was good, I'll make it again.
And this Jewish one from Smitten Kitchen. Nice, but I want it moister.

On we go. I made banana cake today because the spotty bananas were there. Thankyou, Andrew McConnell, genius man.

Anybody got a worthwhile apple teacake? I'm wondering if it's going to take some walnut meal and/or yoghurt...

The List
Clotilde's Gateau de Mamy from Chocolate and Zucchini
Women's Weekly - will have something

To be cont...!

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  1. Oh, is that the tea room in Olinda?! Another place to be visited and hiked...beautiful Dandenongs...followed by afternoon tea!

    Indeed, the perfect tea cake is a quandary indeed...I like mine with a sugar crust, without that dry aftertaste, and with lots of fresh apples (not canned). Good luck finding it!

    And in response to your comment on my blog, yes, indeed, it would be wonderful to not worry about the status of date/friend/something more etc. Alas, I fear that boys (all boys who read this comment are automatically excepted) are too dumb to do it without clear cut lines. Girls on the other hand need no such lines, as we overthink things as it is. And so, it seems to me the answer is just to date girls. Or become celibate.