Sunday, May 11, 2008

saturday night pizza

Bread is great if you're up early enough and can be bothered washing dough off your hands that many times. In our house, though, Saturday night is pizza night when we're home.. being the culinary innovator (or, as I see it, rebel) of the house I like different things on mine and secretly try to lean everyone towards simpler combinations. Anyway, we happened to have some basil in the fridge last week and cherry tomatoes on the bench, and there is always parmesan of course, and balsamic, and every week olives (kalamata. What does 'black' mean? Is a neutral 'black olive' spanish or other?) so we were in business for the House Favourite Pizza that was discovered in my aunt's olive oil book. The black blobs are olive paste which is simply olives lazily mushed up in the mortar and pestle and a bit of balsamic vinegar. The photo truly does not do justice to how good it was!


  1. hmmm...just a thought...does pizza go with cream??

  2. Haha, pizza does indeed go with cream... dessert pizza. have you been to bimbo's? true they use mascarpone but it has the effect of cream. yum. you can get it with chocolate, or mixed berries, or banana/maple, or apple cinnamon/almond. to bimbo's we shall have to go.