Saturday, November 8, 2008

yoghurt goes with cream - part 1


I am fascinated with the stuff.
Cinnamon yoghurt gelati from Tutto Bene, a month or two ago, began the resurgence of my obsession. Began? No, I was already very much besotted, and that was why I tried it, which was a GOOD move.

And the other night after finishing uni and being too excited to sleep and driving around dangerously the next day and wandering palely around Brunswick Street and a disappointing lunch at Babka... where was I? (Needs to learn to use commas.)
I had a blondie from Sugardough.
It was gooey and strange.

My dessert Thursday night: blobs of blondie with cooked pear, blackberry evia yoghurt, vanilla icecream and roasted salted macamadamias. Salted caramel, lick my battery!

Anyway the point of this post was to show you my beautiful yoghurt cake.
Recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini, first food blog I laid eyes on and have ever since adored. I bought the book and it is still sitting on the bench, open on Yoghurt Cake. I decided about a week ago that I wanted to make a coconut one - which is still on the list - but the other day it was raining, raspberry was calling out and I'm glad it did.

Frozen raspberries would be better because they would hold together, but we had a big Fowlers-Vacola jar from picking last year. So in went about a cup, and a little bit of cinnamon.
It is moist, a bit sweet, and a bit sour from both the raspberries and the yoghurt. Just what I wanted!
Though the batter looked and felt a bit like muffin batter so I was ultra-wary of overmixing it, perhaps a bit too over-wary, see those bits of flour. They're kind of good though.

I suspect this would make an excellent apple teacake. And can't wait to try it plain. And the raspberry one, well, I haven't tried it with cream yet but it's tangy and reminds me of raspberry jam, so.. better go and do that now.

By the way, I don't make only cakes. Just have to blog about them because they are just exciting in this special special way.. it's ridiculous how excited I get about cake.


  1. Oh, beautiful photo of the cake! A nice mix of artistic blurriness and salivating cakiness.

    I had an awful yoghurt this morning by the way, was going to get lime (finally) from Templestowe but alas, closed, so went to safeway, got Gippsland yoghurt or something, BLEUARGH. My yoghurt love had dimmed somewhat until also that icecream with cinnamon...ooh.

    You know in reterospect Babka wasn't so bad...just a bit unbalanced...The sweets were good! The blondie was bizarre. Actually I had blondie after soccer today (covered in blue icing...weird) and it was cakier and heavenly. And NOW I am hungry...and all we have in the larder are oreos. OH AND BRUNETTIS CAKE. HUZZAH!

  2. Ooh, harsh. Having being called a hypocrite by you I reveal my open and forgiving heart as I will now repeat the comment you never received.

    "I had some of the pannacotta yoghurt from that fruit shop today, but it wasn't so good because it had separated. But I like your photo...very artistic!

    And Babka wasn't all bad...the Chai and ricotta thing were good...just the 100% fat dumplings of questionable texture..."

    And now I leave a bonus comment:

    "Mmmm, bread!"