Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm a little bit more interested in clothes now that I have finished uni for the year and have time to sit down (I'm sitting down right now, in fact, and plan to do a bit more of it today). I would like to think I don't care much about keeping up with trends, but there are some good clothes around in Melbourne.. it's going to be a good looking summer.

Culinary fashion, on the other hand, intrigues me.

What's with caramel? Who started it this time? Is it just like, Jacques Reymond or a world class equivalent made a caramel something that made an impact on someone and they were so excited that they told everyone, and everyone thought, hey yeah, I'd forgotten about caramel! and they all get inspired and it just spreads?
Not that you need an expensive restaurant to start the wave at all, it could start with just a little blog somewhere.
Or does the food media have an evil corporation somewhere with a person at the head of a meeting deciding what this season's fashionable flavours will be (other than obviously, what is actually in season)?
Salted caramel, especially. Everyone's writing about it, eating and making it.

Chorizo has been cool for a fair bit longer.

Uni has rendered me sleepless so that's about as far as my profound observations go for today.

Hello holidays :) out comes the sun as I click 'publish.'


  1. I fear that deep down, all food is like fashion which spreads from that vastly fashionable restaurant in france that does only 1 degustation sitting a year and thousands apply but only a few get to eat...and then filters out from there until it reaches the babkas and sugardoughs of this world.

    But it my heart of hearts I think that food trends are just what our stomachs think sound quite tasty and places like sugardough are recipes of love, family and a fondness for baking. I hope.

  2. haha wheres all this good fashion ur finding haha? point me in that direction please ;-)

    + word verification of the day is 'sponf'

    p.s. i love love love the look of that yoghurt cake