Thursday, October 15, 2009

An old post that I just found

King Parrot at Kallista Tea Rooms in the Dandenongs. Beautiful place on Monbulk Road. This is where about a year ago, I had the most amazing 'apple teacake' in the world. But when I went there a couple of weeks ago, I had some 'blood orange and chocolate' cake that was stale and boring. Pretty sure this was an anomaly though.. might have to go back and check. I would dearly love to post the kiwi, strawberry and mascarpone tart that my Nanna got - it was incredible!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

just adoring

Last week, one of my favourite people came to visit. (No, not a peacock. They're always there.)
It was important that we go, as well as Babka and Kallista, to Montsalvat.
Good coffee have they at Montsalvat. Not to mention all of this.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

spring eating

Never mind cleaning. That's for later, when there is not quite so much to do.I didn't get to Dali. I don't really mind, at the moment.

Oh, Babka. I may not have loved your dumplings nearly a year ago, but still you have such a special place in my heart. In my mouth.
Luscious casual arrangement of green divinity!!

In case you're blind, or you'd like to blame my (admittedly not finest) photo, or it's not self explanatory for any other reason: Asparagus. Perfectly. Broad beans and fresh peas, likewise. Croutons obviously, ricotta, refreshing cos, and roasted hazelnuts. The dressing was subtle, and totally apposite.

For some reason, even though this was my first meal of the day, my appetite was haphazard and I had to eat slowly. All the longer to savour for. Oh, it was gorgeous.

And the chai at Babka = my benchmark, although Kallista Tea Rooms is pretty high. I also love the complimentary bread and butter, though being the wonderful euro place that it is, the butter is unsalted. I wonder why in Europe, unsalted butter is normal, and in Anglo countries we salt it?
Perhaps it was bastardising it, but I ate some and then sprinkled salt on my butter. I felt like it.

PS If you're an eggs and bacon for breakfast person, which I'm generally not, apparently it's pretty good. And they juice the oranges fresh. Tick.