Friday, May 2, 2008

First Things First

It had to come. And here it is, my admission, confession, profession and admonition to the netting world: I am a foodie.

I like the word foodie. It just feels right. Nothing else quite means what I want it to, though the French got close to making me feel elegant (until they explained with a bit of English). Isn't that interesting? To love food in France seems tasteful, and to love food of English background just seems ... not. Not that I'm meaning to start a Franco-Anglo discussion.

It's just this:
(identity crisis)

greedy guts, glutton, pig/hog, eater


sounded lovely until they explained it meant Glutton (yes, it does need a capital letter). And anyway, wish and try as I might, I'm not French. Though I do love their culture, surtout la cuisine.

The other thing going here should be a disclaimer: No, I don't feel the need to eat cream with everything. Just have a look at the book (you know the book. the big fat one that doesn't fit in the recipe stand) and the nifty little lists of what goes together.

All right my little food blog. You are golden brown and setting, and smelling delicious...


  1. well ACTUALLY cathy, it had not escaped my notice..i tracked this blog through ur blogging user profile last week in my boredom/ procrastinating time, but there were no posts up so i was sorely dissappointed. lol

    i think u must have mentioned u were starting a food blog in passing one day so i'd tried to check it out last week but alas, no entries. glad to see there is one now ^_^

  2. to comment on ur actual post, mmm the word foodie is an interesting one. sounds like a food enthusiast! and i guess im a foodie too, in the sense that if anything is food then i will generally willingly eat it and more often than not thoroughly enjoy it!
    and i myself have no qualms about being called a glutton and the like.. let's face it, if someone were to watch me 24/7 and observe my eating habits im sure they'd find it be truth haha

    i have great expectations of ur little foodie blog! let the blog yeast work its magic!