Sunday, May 11, 2008

a bit of weekend baking

Weekends are the time when there is a little bit more.. well, time. For things like chasing down photocopies and handwritten copies and shorthand copies of recipes from all over the place. And even more importantly, time for things like baking.

I came home on Friday to discover a long-longed-for new biscuit barrel.

It needed yoyos.
I can't make the word look right but the bikkies did me just fine!

There they are above with icing firming out.
Humble, lovely, just buttery enough yo yo biscuits.


  1. Hello cathy :)
    i feel like a stalker who has found your blog.
    Those biscuits look absolutely perfect, i am quite impressed. They make me feel like i want to eat them, even though i don't like yo-yos (haha i see what you mean)very much, they are too buttery for me.
    Goodluck with the new blog!
    love kate

  2. Hi Cathy, welcome to the ever growing Melbourne food blog scene. Those yo-yos look delicious. I'm a sucker for yo-yos. I might need to bake some passionfruit ones soon.