Wednesday, June 2, 2010

still going... phase?

I'm getting bored of sugar.
Why is it in everything I make?
Why is it in everything I eat?

Am I getting tired of baking?
I love, love, love the smell of things in the oven.
But eating it just seems dull. Everything seems a bit the same.

Am I getting bored with cake? and biscuits?
Yes. I'm afraid the answer is yes. Only eating it for the guilt addiction.

How long will this last?

Maybe I just need to make a tart.

No - to make wonderful salads. And savoury things with spices.

The thing is, lately I feel more like myself. Happier. This is good.

I care less about food. I'm only obsessing now out of habit, and academic-like interest.. not because I want to eat it. I've even gone off yoghurt - it was making me feel a bit strange.

So, world, what's going on?

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