Friday, January 30, 2009

it's really hot

On the verandah at the moment it's 46.5 degrees Celsius.

And the oven is not going on again today!

Also, this is late. But aren't they pretty?
This month's challenge is brought to us by Karen of Bake My Day and Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte aka Kochtopf. They have chosen Tuiles from The Chocolate Book by Angélique Schmeink and Nougatine and Chocolate Tuiles from Michel Roux.

I made plain sweet tuiles with raspberry filling, raspberries and mint leaves. The raspberry filling has lemon. My brain isn't working enough to tell you any more because the heat is making me act irrationally and yell at my siblings.

Happy January!


  1. Positively lovely. Give me a dozen please.

    As for the heat and irrational actions...WELL. Today we made a bargain with a random guy on an enormous motorbike that we could get a ride if we found a helemt in 30mins. We obtained one by begging a guy in a bike shop for his personal helmet and giving him our handbag in return. And then the other dude never came back, so no ride for us (but 2km of walking and a sharp loss of dignity).

  2. Your filling looks and sounds so yummy! I love raspberries. Great job on the challenge.