Sunday, September 28, 2008

Le lavash que je viens d'avoir fait

Ta da!
Ready for my Lethlean rip-off phrasing? Aussie foodie journalism at its easy reading best. What can I say, I know some of you other Melbournian bloggers have a thing about him and his writing, but I love it. (How can you not enjoy his loveable adventures in A2? My favourite comfort food reading on a Saturday morning.)
Pasta machine worked a dream.

On the left, poppy.
Smelled like bread in the oven.

Some got a bit overdone. Let's call it toasted (tastes good, tastes toasted). Some puffed up like a pillow, or Arnott's goldfish, but better.. one bite and you're hooked.

Sesame smelled even better.

P.S. I'm not really sure why we made lavash. So easy. Just bread dough rolled flat. I don't mean to complain, it's just, it didn't feel all that daring. I'll make some vegan friendly - that was one of the reasons behind lavash I think - dip later, but even without, this is good stuff. Who doesn't love a good dry biscuit. Even if it isn't very daring.


  1. Perhaps the 'daring' bit is exactly the unexpected adventure... it's unlikely I would ever have made them, had I not been 'challenged' to. :)

  2. Thanks for the recipe! Though amen about general wankiness, something that is essentially very flat damper should not require 2000 words of detailed instructions.

    I have vowed NEVER TO MAKE PEANUT BUTTER BLONDIE AGAIN because even though I gave a plate to you, my sister's friend and my soccer team we still have enough at home to trigger a heart attack!

  3. I must confess I do find Lethlean very amusing, despite his somewhat indelicate review of Shamiana ((shudder))